Editor and Chief:
O/G Madd Ronald is a (reformed) senior member of the Rollin 20's Bloods
and has been a member since he was 8 years old. Madd Ronald spent 22 years as an active member of the
Bloods in Los Angeles. As a youth he served time in
Central Juvenile Hall, Sylmar Juvenile Hall, and Camp Afflerbaugh (in La Verne, California).

As an adult
he spent at least 10 years in the California State Prison System
(over the course of 5 prison sentences). He has been housed in at least ten of California's prisons, such as
C.T.F-Soledad,C.S.P-Solano,C.C.I.-Tehachapi,C.I.M.-Chino, C.M.C-San Luis Obispo (East Facility),
C.R.C.-Norco, C.S.P.-Corcoran, and C.C.C.-Susanville just to name a few.

During his incarceration at California Mens Colony East Facility in 1992, he participated in the Studies
Toward AfricanAmerican
Re-developement (S.T.A.A.R.) Program.
While at C.R.C. (Norco) in 1994, he completed Jim Browns life skills and self determination program called
Amer-i-can Program.

He also graduated from the Stop the Violence Increase the Peace Foundations class on gang intervention in
2001, which was facilitated by Khalid Shah and Niem Shah.
Ronald was trained in gang intervention, anger management, and conflict resolution just to name a few
of the curriculum.
Ronald has been awarded by the Stop the Violence Increase the Peace Foundation, the city of Inglewood,
and the city of Los Angeles as an ambassador of peace.

Madd Ronald has studied philosophy and business at Los Angeles City College and he is also writing a
book, on the subject matter of gangs.

On March 8th ,
2003 Madd Ronald along with the support of Minister Tony Muhhammad and the Nation of Islam along
with supportting gang intervention programs from throughout
Los Angeles, Watts, and Venice, organized a pre-rally, March for Peace, and the "2nd Annual Day of
Peace," in (West Adams) Los Angeles ,which preceeded the first Day of Peace (held in 2002).

He is now spearheading "The Big Homie Network", and great advocate of the peace movement in Los

Currently he is a member of a community-youth empowerment and gang intervention organization called
2nd C.A.L.L., and an advocate of Southern California Cease Fire.

As a reformed original member of the
Urban Subculture, he is gainfully employed by City of Los Angeles Mayors Office of Gang Reduction and
Youth Developement (G.R.Y.D.) and  Volunteers of
America as a community intervention worker for  Southwest Area 2
G.R.Y.D. program in the West Adams District of Los Angeles.

On November 24th, 2015 Ronald grauduated as he completed training with the Los Angeles Violence
Intervention Training Academy, which granted him certification as a community intervention worker and
gang intervention worker, with the the Urban Peace Institute and the City of Los Angeles.
He is also seeking independent entrepreneurial aspects of business.

In 2010 Ronald's oldest daughter (Ronisha) was shot and killed as a victim of domestic violence
Since he has taken a firm stance against domestic violence and is available and supportive to any domestic
violence interventionist
that are in need of his services.

Madd Ronald is available for lectures, speaking engagements, gang intervention workshops, at risk youth
counselling sessions,
motion picture technical advising on urban films,and consulting as a gang specialist and strategist.

web design services also available.

TWITTER: @ogMaddRonald

FaceBook: Madd Ronald Rollin     
O/G Madd Ronald1 Editor & Chief of:
This pic was taken in R&R @
California Correctional Center
(Susanville State Prison)
October 16, 2006
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           Graduation Day 11-24-2015
Los Angeles Violence Intervention Training
2nd C.AL.L. Turkey Give Away 11-24-2015